A dilemma about loyalty to AFL football teams…?

via Collingwood Magpies by admin on 5/03/10

I’ve never really followed football until recently (I’m 26). When I was a kid (about 10) I kind of half-heartedly barracked for collingwood, mostly because a couple of my friends did. Years passed where I never cared much about footy, but I really got to dislike collingwood, I dont know why.

Now I’m into footy and I feel like barracking for someone, and Richmond has been my favourite team for a while. I want to barrack for Richmond officially but its such a crime to swap teams, so I feel a bit dirty. Is it OK for me to be a Richmond supporter now that I follow footy seriously for the first time in my life, and I only really followed Collingwood because of peer pressure?

Go for who you want. I’ve supported the swans for my whole life (I’m 23, born in Sydney and then lived in melbourne where every kid has to have a team) and I always get accused of being a ‘bandwagon’ supporter when I mention that. Don’t let others get in your way of enjoying the game.


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