How many more years before St Kilda win another flag?

via St Kilda Saints Super Site by admin on 3/11/10

Everyone got carried away because they won the pre-season NAB Cup! Haaaa……One knows that if you win that one – you don’t win the big one.

Even Carlton won a NAB Cup recently – that shows how easy they are to win. They are won by the teams sporting their strongest sides. Only Adelaide & the Saints did that this year.

Now the team is top heavy with tall forwards, old players & midfielders running around picking up easy stats – without being damaging or beneficial to their side.

Well I don’t know the exact answer to your question but all of your comments are spot on re St.Kilda. I do know it won’t be this year – not by a long shot!!! (even a long shot by Nick doesn’t often go through the big sticks!!!). They seem a bit sluggish to me and seem to run out of gas. I feel that with the talent they’ve had in that team over the last few years they have almost missed that window of opportunity for a fair dinkum run at the Premiership in September but you never know and this weekend has thrown up some "very interesting" results all round (like Carlton and Richmond etc) St.Kilda get to play lots of games at the Dome and they should just about be masters of their Domain by now but they are not. Robert Walls reckons they will emerge this year and be in the finals but he doesn’t know what he is talking about. They won their last Premiership in 1966 and I am stabbing a guess at let us say 2,066!!! (Well that might be a tad pessimistic??). I also hate to say this but I think they should retire Harvey and I have my doubts re Gehrig and Milne.


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