Should the Adelaide Crows & Port Power merge?

via Adelaide Crows Super Site by admin on 3/11/10

Both clubs are now non performers on & off the field. It makes sense for them to merge. With their combined playing squads they should be able to manage around 12 to 1`5 on the ladder. Your views.

No. Port want to merge with the Crows just so they can play under the Crows new logo. Let them design a new one for themselves. Port could have something marine like —- such as a jelly fish.


where do i play football in sydney????????

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plzzzzzz helpi am not very much familiar to sydney ,i am a die hard football lover bud don know much people .pleaseeeeee tell me sum place,club or sumthin where i can meet new people and improve my game.

Some of the leagues have already started last week. Registrations might be closed for this season.
visit and check the links to have an idea
Another way is to go to a pitch close to where you live on the weekend, watch a couple of games and if you think they are your level ask them if they need someone.

A dilemma about loyalty to AFL football teams…?

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I’ve never really followed football until recently (I’m 26). When I was a kid (about 10) I kind of half-heartedly barracked for collingwood, mostly because a couple of my friends did. Years passed where I never cared much about footy, but I really got to dislike collingwood, I dont know why.

Now I’m into footy and I feel like barracking for someone, and Richmond has been my favourite team for a while. I want to barrack for Richmond officially but its such a crime to swap teams, so I feel a bit dirty. Is it OK for me to be a Richmond supporter now that I follow footy seriously for the first time in my life, and I only really followed Collingwood because of peer pressure?

Go for who you want. I’ve supported the swans for my whole life (I’m 23, born in Sydney and then lived in melbourne where every kid has to have a team) and I always get accused of being a ‘bandwagon’ supporter when I mention that. Don’t let others get in your way of enjoying the game.

St Kilda vs Carlton records?

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When was the last time Carlton beat St Kilda, coz the saints iun the past like 5 years always win or kill the blues!

The last time CARLTON beat SAINT KILDA:

Round 20
Sun 19 August 2001
Carlton v Saint Kilda
Telstra Dome

A. Thompson 32 <— Highest disposal Getter
P. Everitt 3 <— Highest Goal Kicker

Hey every one I’m trying to find a site where it shows all the AFL Grand Fin…

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I would like to know how many teams have one through the years
(Example like how many Geelong Cats have one) something like that

Here you go. Geelong has won 7 AFL-VFL senior premierships.

Go Catters.

Have any team in AFL history gone close to “choking”, in big games, as often…

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did you know collingwood have done them 13 times by a kick
guess they just cant play 100min of footy

2010 NAB Cup Fixture

2010 NAB Cup Fixture